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Clinics at Salado Creek Riding Club

There are many clinicians who come to Salado Creek Riding Club, from dressage to hunter/jumpers to bombproof horsemanship, we have it all.

Tracy Percival Forman (founder of TAP’s Training and Showing) has been a professional trainer of horses and an instructor of horse enthusiasts for 24+ years . She began her career as a child rider at the highly regarded Buffalo Equestrian Center (formerly the Buffalo Saddle and Bridle Club) and continued in college to get an Associates Degree in Equine Studies. Becoming a professional in her second year of college in 1989, she built up a small local stable and clientele that have been with her for many years. Working as a free-lance trainer for the past 18 years, she travels to her customers to continue her work as a teacher of the love of horses, good riding, and great sportsmanship. Showing is a large part of the TAPS agenda. They compete at the USEF level, are member competitors in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association and are locally active in the surrounding Central New York area.


Next Clinic Date: TBD

Peter is an International Dressage Trainer of world-wide repute. He runs regular clinics throughout Britain as well having taught in America, Spain, Germany and Dubai.


The emphasis on dressage training both horse and rider is based on many years experience and a balance of beliefs and principals that has put Peter Maddison-Greenwell up there amongst “the worlds top dressage trainers in his field”, as quoted in the book Pathfrinder Dressage by Penny Hillsden.


His philosophy and personality, combined with a sound depth of knowledge in training dressage and riding ability makes him absolutely unique in the equestrian world. He is one of the few people who crosses over with ease from Performer to Dressage Trainer in all aspects of dressage as well as Doma Vaquera and Garrocha.


Peter is equally happy helping giving dressage lessons to the classical and competition dressage rider as well as performers and display riders, in the ever growing world of Equestrian Theatre of which Peter has been one of its earliest pioneers


Next Clinic Date: TBD

Chad is an accomplished horseman with years of riding and training experience. He was very fortunate to have always had horses in his life growing up. Dedicated to serving the community as a Police Officer for 18 years, Chad’s passion for horses led him to his Department’s Mounted Unit. Chad was a full time Mounted Police Officer for several years and patrolled busy urban areas, parks, and special events constantly encountering and overcoming difficult obstacles and situations. Chad was also the trainer for his Unit and was responsible for the selection and training of new Police Horses and the other members of the unit. In 1998, Chad obtained his Basic Instructor License and in May of 2002, his Master Peace Officer License from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education. In February 2010, Chad attended the extensive Dallas Police Mounted School in Dallas, Texas. In February 2011, attended the exclusive Mounted Police Seminar in Ottawa, Ontario Canada instructed by the Senior Equitation Instructors of the world famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


Currently, Chad is dedicating his life to helping others with their horses. He offers clinics, private lessons, group lessons, demonstrations and now trains horses fulltime for the public. With his years of riding, training and experience, Chad can provide you with a comfortable and relaxed training environment where you and your horse are sure to excel.


Next Clinic Dates: TBD


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