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Virtual Training

Has the COVID-19 crisis interrupted your lesson schedule?  Would you like to keep progressing to your goals but don't want to trailer your horse to the lesson barn and be around potentially contaminated people?  Let me help you progress!

Feeling alone and stuck in your riding makes you lose confidence and momentum.  When I was a teenager, my trainer went out of town for an extended period and I had to practice for the junior championships on my own.  I felt so abandoned and insecure.  What I would have given to be able to connect with a virtual trainer!  I love teaching and helping riders get to where they want to be and I would love to do that for you!

Your first step is to email me at right now and tell me about you, your horse (or borrowed horse) and your goals.  We can then decide on how you would like to proceed.

I offer both video review of you and your horse as well as real time training sessions over zoom or other internet video.  With the video reviews, I will give you a set of exercises which will take you about an hour, you will video the whole session and send it to me for comments that I will send back to you.


As a special offer to get you started, your first video review is only $20 and your first real time training session is half off!

I look forward to working with both you and your horse and helping you reach your goals!

Video Review  Lessons

You will upload your video to a streaming service and then send me the link.  I will send you back a voice review over your video.

One video review at a time - $30/video

Five video reviews - $140

Ten Video reviews - $250

Live Session  Lessons

Contact me to set up a time and we will set up which video chat service to use ahead of time.  The lesson will last approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

One session - $40

Five sessions - $180

Ten sessions - $325

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