Goal Coaching

As equestrians, we often fail to set goals and work towards them.  We tend to ride aimlessly, hoping that we just do better someday and accept what comes. Many of us work hard but without something to strive for, without being an active participant in our riding, we won't progress!  

Summit Riding Academy is here to re-orient the equestrian mindset.  We are here to help you get in the right mindset to ride, to be excited about riding and to strive toward your goal so you can be the best rider that you can be!

Our goal coaching includes:

  • One hour live weekly group goal coaching and mindset trainings

  • Once monthly 30-45 minute one-on-one personal goal coaching

  • Access to past teachings

Join our goal coaching community for only $25/month for the first 50 participants and reach your goals faster, ride with purpose and get more enjoyment out of your life with horses!

PLUS, you can add on any education course for $5 each (Horsemanship, Rider Education or Trainer Education)!

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