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Lesson Prices

Individual Lessons: $55/lesson

Lesson Horse +$25

Pack of 10 Lessons (1 yr expiration date): $500

Lesson Horse: $150



Hauling: $1.65/mile for solo trips, $0.85/mile for group trips

Horse fee (if you do not hold a lease): $45/day

Trainer fee: $75/day (includes pre-show and pre-class schooling)

Braiding fee: varies/show (usually ~$50) – Required for hunters, equitation  

(mane and tail) and jumper classics and dressage (mane only)!

Schooling fee (trainer ride): $50/ride

Showing fee (trainer ride): $35/class

Show setup fee: $50 (to make our area look pretty! Only at multi-day shows)

Tack stall will be split between clients

Trainer expenses will be split between clients


Your stall will be cleaned and your horse will be fed as usual.  This is included in your training, horse or lease fee!

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