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SRA Levels

Summit Riding Academy believes that having a structured level system allows not only students and parents, but also our trainers to see progress easier.  It also helps evaluate students for show levels and it confirms that there are no holes in our students' training.  We strive to make well-rounded and knowledgeable horsemen and horsewomen who are confident ambassadors for the sport we love.  

Our levels go from 0 (absolute beginner) to 15 (International level).  Our instructors never attempt to teach a level above the one that they ride at and if we do not have an instructor that can teach a certain level, we refer out to a qualified instructor.  

Passing each level requires a test.  Tests are given 4 times a year at minimum or more often if needed.  A passing score is 60% or higher.  After evaluation, any level can be waived by the head trainer if the rider comes to us at a higher level.  

Riders will be eligible to receive a level t-shirt in their new level color upon a passing score.  Ask your trainer about t-shirt prices.  

Exams are $25/level.  The first exam is free!

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