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Training Services


Horses Boarded at SCRC 



Full Training (5 days/week) : $600/month + board

Partial Training (3 days/week): $350/month + board

Individual Sessions: $50/session

Lessons on your owned or leased horse

10 Lessons: $450 


Individual Lessons: $50/lesson

Trailer In Training/Lessons

(includes facility fee)


Individual Training Sessions: $65/session

Partial Training (3 days/week): $450/month

10 Lessons: $600






Hauling: $1.65/mile for solo trips, $0.85/mile for group trips

Trainer fee: $75/day (includes pre-show and pre-class schooling)

Schooling fee (trainer ride): $50/ride

Showing fee (trainer ride): $35/class + Class fee

Show setup fee: $50 (to make our area look pretty! Only at multi-day shows)

Tack stall will be split between clients

Trainer expenses will be split between clients


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