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Virtual Training

Have you ever wanted to fly effortlessly over a jump with your horse?  Do you want your horse to be the one that other riders drool over at the hunter/jumper shows?  Do you have a horse that you want to teach to jump and don't know where to start?  With virtual training, I can help you get your horse where you want it to be from anywhere in the world!  

When I was younger I remember being so jealous as people went by with their perfectly trained horses.  Because I came from a single parent household, I had to ride the horses that no one else wanted to ride.  I got stuck with the naughty horses, the difficult ones, the ugly ones and the ones with bad reputations.  I would get upset and think that it wasn't fair that I wasn't handed the opportunities that these other people had been handed.  I decided that I would train the horses I could ride the best that I could.  I set my mind to it and turned the horses I rode around into horses that other people became jealous of and I know that I can do the same for you and your horse!  

I offer both video review of you and your horse as well as real time training sessions over zoom or other internet video.   As a special offer to get you started, your first video review is only $10 and your first real time training session is half off!

I look forward to working with both you and your horse and helping you reach your goals!

Video Review Training

You will upload your video to a streaming service and then send me the link.  I will send you back a voice review over your video.

Please feel free to email me first to explain your situation and what you are trying to accomplish.

One video review at a time - $20/video

Five video reviews - $80

Ten Video reviews - $125

Live Session Training

Contact me to set up a time and we will set up which video chat service to use ahead of time.  Session will last approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the fitness and previous training of the horse.

One session - $30

Five sessions - $140

Ten sessions - $250

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